Globe Telecom Implements 1.0 GB / day Internet Cap

Globe Telecom (PSEi: GLO) adopts Internet 'fair use' policy. That is the first thing I saw after turning on my computer tonight. Thanks to Lia Amanda Espina for the GBuzz update, I should start scouting for a new ISP.

Seriously? 1.0 GB per day cap?

The report came from The article said, herein quoted:

The usage cap, it said, would affect only users who download data in excess of 1 gigabyte a day, or the equivalent of about 250 MP3 songs.

Globe adopts Internet 'fair use' policy, Inquirer

Let me repeat that: download data. Obviously, that includes the following:

  • Game patches - like World of Warcraft patches and game installers (let's not count the high bandwidth usage of MMOGs)
  • Free Culture content - music and videos that uses a Free Culture license (examples are: Creative Commons licensed songs and shows)
  • Free/Libre Open-Source Software (FLOSS) downloads - us who helps in the distribution of FLOSS products like Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux distros will also get affected

And that's just the beginning. Can they guarantee that these legal downloads and uploads will not be capped by their system? Do they have the tools or the technology to effectively and accurately filter the connections on their network? I highly doubt it. I don't even think it is possible, and if it is, are they willing to go through and check thousands of connections and determine which are illegal and legal?

The BitTorrent protocol, which many groups and "learned" people are frequently attacking, will surely be the number one target for this crazy and silly capping. Can they filter the legal torrent connections from the illegal ones?

So what now? Simple: time to search for a better ISP. An ISP that aims to expand their bandwidth and improve their network so we can be at par with our neigboring countries. And not an ISP that will limit their customers to avoid investing in better technologies, connection, and service.

No to Internet Capping!!

Support A better draft memorandum order on Minimum Speed of Broadband Connections (v2)!

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