Time-Traveller Caught On Film!

Have you caught wind of the supposedly "time traveller" that was caught on a 1928 Charlie Chaplin "The Circus" film premier? She was walking in the background while her left hand was raised near her left ear that looked like she is holding a mobile phone.

We can think of a lot of reasons what it could be but as she continues to walk, the camera caught her smiling and talking, could it really be a cellphone? Check the video after the break and the most interesting guesses (or theories if you want) I've read so far.

The theories

  • Hearing aid: The most popular one (other than she's a 'time traveller' of course), because it could very well be this Siemens hearing aid; and she was talking to herself.
  • She's a real time-traveller and she was talking to her friends from her own time. After all, many groups and scientists around the world are experimenting how to control time, someone somewhere sometime might have been successful already. And when you talk about time control, it is relative, there is no past and future only the present.
  • This was all fake, a marketing gimmick to get people to buy the new DVD release of the film. How many people will buy a 1928 film DVD even with all the extras? Will the new generation buy it or just download and watch via streaming? With this mysterious time-traveller "cut-scene" extra, more people might buy the DVD.

How about you? What do you think?

Thanks to my cousins for telling me about this time-traveller.

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