Post Your Rhythmbox Music to and

Yesterday I was reading the instructions on how to enable scrobbling to using Rhythmbox. But before I show you how, allow me to introduce you to first.

What is in short simple words is "freedom music". Libre meaning freedom and ".fm" being "music". But it does not end there! actively supports the creation of music by independent artists and only plays music that has been licensed freely (again, by "freely" it means "freedom" / "libre" licenses).

By using, you are guaranteed that you own your own listening data. Everything you put into is yours, no one else owns it, do whatever you want to your own data. Every song found on was made by musicians who want you to share their music!

Privacy policy? does not log any IP addresses. Best of all, the code behind is a Free/Libre Open-Source Software (FLOSS). Download the source, run it on your own server, start your own similar service - you have the freedom to do so without any fear or worry of violating anyone's Intellectual Property rights.

Cool? Let's begin scrobbling to then!

This is very simple, all you have to do is add the scrobblefree PPA to your Debian or Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux OS.

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Type: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rsalveti/scrobblefree
  3. Go to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager
  4. Click on the Reload button
  5. Install the scrobblefree package
  6. Open Rhythmbox
  7. Go to Edit -> Plugins
  8. Enable the scrobblefree plugin
  9. Click the "User" box (see screenshot below) and type your username and press the Enter/Return key
  10. A window will pop-up asking you for your password

You're done!

Now everytime you play a new song in Rhythmbox, it will send your playing music to You can check out my profile here:

For more info, visit the official instruction page.

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