How-To: Transfer Your Music Data From to

If you are a user already (if not go sign-up at then you may want to transfer your scrobbled tracks from

A special note: this applies to Debian/Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux OS only. However, if you know how to run python scripts in Windows or Mac then theoretically it should be possible to do the steps below.

Let's begin.

  1. Go to LastToLibre page and download the following Python scripts:;;
  2. Go to the folder where you saved the three files you downloaded
  3. Make the files executable by typing these commands in the terminal:
          chmod +x
  4. Type:
          ./ --user YOUR_LastFM_USERNAME
  5. Wait for it to finish exporting your data
  6. Type:
          ./ YOUR_LibreFM_USERNAME exported_tracks.txt
  7. When the script asks you for your password, just type it and press enter to start importing your data

You're done!

Take note, if the script encounter errors or terminated your connection, the script will terminate. To continue from where the script stopped, simply type this command:

  ./ -u YOUR_LastFM_USERNAME --page XXX

Replace XXX with the page number the script last exported. So, if you see in the terminal that it stopped at page 666 of 1200, then you should type:

  ./ -u YOUR_LastFM_USERNAME --page 666

Simple enough? Good! Now go start transferring your data to!

For more information and other commands, visit the official LastToLibre page.

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