Enable Rhythmbox to Send Music Playing to Psi IM

I am a fan of sending my "Now Listening" updates to my Instant Messenger networks. I went back to using Psi+ IM - an XMPP/Jabber client - a few days ago and Rhythmbox lacks Psi-IM support.

I fired up my browser and started searching, it is as simple as installing a deb file for Debian-based GNU/Linux Operating Systems. Let me show you where and how.

There is only one site where I found the plugin needed for Rhythmbox, it is a Russian site so it wasn't easy to find it. However, since I am using a bleeding-edge Psi-IM which is Psi+ (Psi Plus or Psi-dev), I found where I can get the plugin.

Visit this site and search for "Rhythmbox". You are going to see this:

Download "rb-tunetopsi-plugin_X.X-X_all.deb" (X is version number, always get the latest) by clicking the link "Загрузить" just below it. Run the deb file and then fire up your Rhythmbox music player.

Once your Rhythmbox music player is up and running, go to Edit > Plugins. Simply scroll down until you see "Tune To Psi" and enable it by checking the checkbox on its left. See the screenshot below:

You're done!

Now everytime you play a song using Rhythmbox, it will send an update to Psi-IM or Psi+. If the client of your IM contacts support the open standard protocols XEP-0118: User Tune and XEP-0163: Personal Eventing Protocol then they will see the music that you are currently listening to, as shown in this screenshot.


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