Talk to Your Twitter Friends via Instant Messenger

You can now talk to your Twitter friends by using your favorite federated ("Facebook not included" because it is not federated) XMPP/Jabber network. Thanks to the service created by Treegger.

Chat like with your Twitter friends like you would with Yahoo! Messenger or Windows Live Messenger or AOL Instant Messenger. It is a matter of adding your account to your favorite XMPP/Jabber client like so: yourTwitterAccount@twitter. Example, "jcsesecuneta@twitter".

Then you have to connect to: using port 5223. You have to choose "Allow plaintext authentication" and "SSL/TLS (old style)" for it to work.

This is a proof of technology made freely available by Treegger. Their system is just a bridge to allow anyone to communicate bidirectionally, from Twitter to XMPP/Jabber and XMPP/Jabber to Twitter. Nothing gets saved on Treegger's servers. When you send a message to your Twitter friends, it is sent as a "DM" thus it is private. You of course have to follow your friend first so he will show up on your XMPP friends list.

Go try it out. Configuration settings are available from their website for various XMPP/Jabber clients: Treegger IM.

And if at this time you still do not have your own XMPP/Jabber account, you better get one now. I highly recommend ProcessOne's free ejabberd service Talkr.IM. It is the most complete free XMPP/Jabber service you will ever find on the Internet.

(via: Treegger IM - Chat Directly With You Twitter Friends Using XMPP Client)

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